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Priis Global USA Inc is pleased to announce that our sales office in Florida, USA is now offering PSY Noni Hair Color Shampoo in both Black and Brown. PSY Noni has revolutionized the traditional method of hair dyeing with its innovative and user-friendly product. This hair shampoo has been highly acclaimed by men and women around the world for its easy application process.

PSY Hair Color shampoo is our best selling hair color shampoo preferred by many. PSY is mostly preferred due to its quality, longevity, unique formula and highly safe to use.

PSY Noni Hair Color Shampoo is the world's first shampoo formulated with the extracts of Morinda Citrifolia, or Noni Fruit, from the highly fertile Tahitian Islands. This revolutionary formula is designed to provide complete gray hair coverage in just five minutes. Noni Fruit, known for its potent properties, is the perfect choice for this innovative shampoo.

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